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AU/ ‘There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty.’

Caroline never knew how much truth there had been behind these words until she married him. Not only did he show her the world, she got to taste it, feel it, participate in it. He taught her how to play any instrument she desired. It even turned out she’s a natural at playing piano. 

Painting didn’t turn out as successful for ther, but he taught her a few tricks as well, over the years. And gardening was one of her favourite occupations, while Klaus detested it. But for her, he never minded spending a day in the soil. 

Their favourite pass-time when they weren’t dealing with supernatural problems? Reading.

She pulls out a book out of his collection of classics. 

‘Caroline, love, don’t tell me we’re reading Dickens? Again?’ He rolls his eyes, but the amusement is apparent in his eyes. She doesn’t pay attention to him, and instead flips through the pages, searching for the little note Dickens has left for Klaus personally. 

‘It’s been already two months since we last read Dickens, and I’m sick of reading crazy Kafka-stories,’ she eventually replies while tracing the particular note with her fingers.

‘For my close friend. May we have more nights where we chatter the night away. 

Fondly, Charles Dickens.’

The inscription never fazes to amaze her. She finally looks up at Klaus, and flutters her lashes. ‘Please? You know how much I love this novel.’ She knows he can’t resist this look. 

‘Very well, then.’ Rolling his eyes, he finally gives in. 

God, these lovely educated bastards! I love them and I swear, when these two get married, they’re going to be the most sophisticated couple in the history of TVD. Even more sophisticated than Kalijah. Just sayin’.

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